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Thread: Dissertation on Battlestar Galactica and the origins of GINO.

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    BS Cerberus Guest

    Dissertation on Battlestar Galactica and the origins of GINO.

    I read these forums a lot, and though I don’t often post due to I just don’t have the time to respond to most things, I wanted to put forth this dissertation in hopes of shedding some light on the new vs old discussion, and the fact that I have seen quite a bit of resistance to the GINO moniker.

    To show why GINO (Galactica In Name Only) not only has stuck, but is here to stay. I have compiled a list of differences between the shows, and would challenge anyone to come up with an equal list of similarities.

    Before I begin, I will admit I am partial to the old show, though I do enjoy the new show as well. I just don’t see how they are related. In any case, I begin:

    Lets Start with the Galactica herself:

    Galactica is a 500 year old pride of the fleet commanded by a high ranking member of the colonies, including a sitting council member. Ship travels by Hyperspeed and has laser cannons and missiles. Can take on a cylon basetar alone.

    Galactica is a 100 year old relic ready to be mothballed into a museum. Commanded by a second rate captain who is ready to retire. Ship travels by FTL Jump, has guns and missiles. Can’t handle a few cylon raiders without massive damage.

    The Colonials:

    Goofy hair cuts, capes and gold trim everywhere. Portrayed as ‘Good guys”

    Jarheads in Space. Portrayed as deeply flawed individuals who don’t know right from wrong.

    The Cylons:

    Alien created war machine gone awry, at war with humans for 1000 years due to the humans helping a neighboring species that is about to be exterminated.
    Silver tin can machines that fire Laser Rifles

    Pissed off Robo-butlers seeking revenge. They shoot machine guns and nukes at people.
    “Human” cylons who found “god”

    The Struggle:

    Fleeing cylon tyranny after loosing a major battle that cost the colonials their homeworld, the Colonials search space for Earth in hopes that they can get some support against the cylons. The colonials are caught in an eonnic war for their very existence. Colonials = Good : Cylons = Bad

    Idiotic humans allow their ex-butlers to completely surprise attack them, nearly wiping them out. By some quirk of luck they managed to get one old wreck of a ship back into duty. They are caught in an ideological religious war. Colonials = ?? : Cylons = ??

    And finally the setting:

    Aliens galore

    Not one stinking alien.

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    Titon Guest


    I like your analogy.

    So tell me who's the flippen idiot that took Scifi OUT of Scifi???

    Find him and slap him silly.

    But i regress, there is one alien in Gino. It's the flawed creation known as man.

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    jewels Guest


    ex-Robo-butlers, I'll have to remember that one.

    I thought some had been built to wage war in human's place too, but maybe that's another sci-fi thing I'm mixing in.

    ex-butlers. Heh. chuckle.

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    martok2112 Guest


    Interesting, if skewed analogy. But fun nonetheless.

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    BS Cerberus Guest


    I admitted I was biased in the opening

    I thought it would be somethign fun for everyone, but I am still waiting for a list from someone of the things that are the SAME from both shows to disprove my point of in fact being GALACTICA In Name Only!

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    martok2112 Guest


    I know it was in fun, my friend.

    For me, both shows need only one similarity...and they have it:

    The premise, which is summed up in TOS Adama's weekly closing narrative.

    "Fleeing from the Cylon tyranny, the last battlestar, Galactica, leads a rag tag fugitive fleet on a lonely quest...a shining planet known as Earth."

    That's plenty 'nuff for me.


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    BS Cerberus Guest


    OK, I will give you that one, but give me ONE other example :P

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    martok2112 Guest


    Both have battlestars called Pegasus

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    BS Cerberus Guest



    Alright, how about another one?


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    martok2112 Guest


    In both shows, the humans were stupid enough to trust a shady man named Baltar

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