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Fun Things To Do With Kids In Hilton Head Island

by Donald Buzbee file under misc with tags

If you want to escape from the routine life and want to have a fun time with your family, the Hilton Head Island is the place you should visit. This location is not fun for the kids alone, but also relaxing for parents. click here to know more about this place This place offers a lot of attractions apart from getting sun-soaked on the beach and learning about the history of this place. Find below a list of fun family activities that you can indulge in when on Hilton Head Island.

On the beach: Hilton Head Island has a 12 mile stretch of enchanting beaches and is a perfect place for sunbathing. For kids interested in parks, you can go to the Coligny Beach Park. While your kids enjoy the splash pad, you can rent beach umbrellas and chairs and watch them have fun. Out of the stretch of beaches, Fish Haul Park and Folly Field are the best places for families. If you are looking for picnic shelters, Driessen Beach and Islanders Beach are also good choices.

Bike rides: There are numerous bike rentals where you can rent a bike, and you can ride with your kids to feel the breeze. These trails are safe as the island authorities do not allow vehicles on them so you can bike around without worrying about the safety of your kids. Along the way, you can find a lot of wilderness which your kids can explore. Tours are also conducted which explains the island history and can be a mix of fun and learn for your kids.

Fishing: You can head out to catch some fishes with your kids. Redfish and trout in Palmetto Dunes, bass in the freshwater pond of Jarvis Creek are two favorite spots for fishing. Another famous saltwater fishing place is the Haigh Jr Pier. If your kids are not keen on fishing, older kids can go surf fishing which is fun as well as challenging for them.

Watersports: You can go kayaking, canoeing or on paddle board on the Hilton Head Island waters. There are a few places like Broad creek where there are no motorboats, and hence the water is still and safe for the kids to go paddle boarding. If you want some tougher challenges then Skull creek, Burkes Beach or North Forest Beach should be the place to go. For calmer waters Hilton Head Beach is suitable. If you have older kids and looking for water sports of high-speed sorts, then rent Jet Skis and head straight to the waves. You can also look at water ski as another alternative. Burkes beach offers the best place for surfing, and you can find many places where you can rent surfboards.

Museum: You can visit this kid’s museum if the sun is not out and the waters are choppy. There are lots of exciting stuff to do in here. You can practice plane flying on the Flight Deck; You can build sandcastles in Loggerhead and build a house in Builders of tomorrow. Your kids can also learn to create a railroad use building blocks to form creative structures.