How To Choose The Right Server For Minecraft

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Finding the right Minecraft server is quite a challenge. There are tons of options available but how do you find a server that you would enjoy using. There are many things to weigh while looking for a Minecraft server as per the BitPak's Minecraft Hosting Guide. There are many portals like which has reviews of many such servers. But how do you select one quickly, without having to waste on Minecraft servers which lack resources or which cannot prevent cheating? Read here to discover more about how to choose the right Minecraft server

How much RAM do you need: It is important to figure out what you need on a server and how much you are ready to shell out? Servers are sold by the hosts by the amount of RAM allocated to it. The average cost of a Minecraft server for 1GB RAM is about 10$. Even though the server is charged by the RAM allocation, it is important to know that if a host sells their server for less per RAM don’t go for it. Servers quality is not based on the RAM they allocate to you.

RAM needed for your server is also dependent on knowing how you plan to use it and also with how many people you want to share it with. If you intend to use it with only a few individuals, then 1GB RAM would suffice. A 1GB RAM can accommodate about 24 players in a sound server. There are many fora on hosting which will help you to figure out how much RAM you need. Make sure not to include a budget as many companies quote RAM based on it.

Is the server suitable for your play: There are many survival and creative servers available in the market? While survival servers will focus on surviving the dangers like mob attacks in the game and creative servers will concentrate on building your structures. A good Minecraft server will have PvP, and also Survival mode enabled.

Look for a server with more uptime: Almost all Minecraft servers experience some lags or have server crashes. Some servers have also suffered hacker attacks. It is observed that no Minecraft server has a 100% up time, but a good server is one which is up most of the time. Also, lag issues are common irrespective of the geographical location of the server you choose.

Are anti-cheat mods running: A good server will have anti cheat mods running and also will have a ‘no swearing rule’ in the chat? Having anti-cheat mods on will make sure you are playing on a level field and experiencing a good gaming. Make sure to know and follow all the rules of the Minecraft server, else the moderator or the admin can remove your access.

Searching for a Minecraft server has become a lot easier now than what it was a few years back. There are many resources online which gives you a list of dedicated Minecraft servers. Dedicating some time to find a good Minecraft server is worth the effort and time, as you can experience a real gaming experience.